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Top 7 Tips for Promoting Coworking Spaces on Social Media

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Social media can be an effective advertising channel for coworking spaces. It’s reliable, cost-effective, and easy to manage, regardless of the size of your business.

Here are seven tips for using social media as a successful commercial channel:

1. Have a complete profile

If you’re going to use social media in any capacity, you need to do it properly. Remember, as a promotional outlet, this will be many people’s first impression of your coworking space. So, it’s important to make that first impression count!

Make sure you use high-quality images of you space. Fill out the location and contact information so people can easily find you and get in touch.

Facebook offers a variety of features, including a ‘Find Us’ map, opening hours, and contact details to make it easy for your prospects to get in touch. The new chat functionality in Messenger can make it easy to capture prospect information and direct them through to joining.

LinkedIn offers similar options, while Twitter and Instagram allow you to add snippets of info to your bio to inform prospective members.

If you’re using several social media platforms, make sure the look and tone is consistent across all of them!

A coworking space in Buenos Aires.
A view of Huerta Coworking in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2. Cultivate a community

The best way to utilize social media is to be social. As a promotional tool, this is one of the best ways to use social media platforms. Whether that’s starting a regular hashtag or creating a Facebook or LinkedIn group, creating active communities is essential for social media marketing.

Coworking spaces attract a diverse range of people from diverse backgrounds. The only thing that connects them is their coworking space. By creating a community that encourages dialogue and interaction, you build up your brand as a coworking space to actively helps its members.

Creating groups for local businesses also acts as a low-cost, low-obligation entry point for prospective new members. They can join an open Facebook or LinkedIn group for free and experience the benefits of joining your coworking space without putting in too much effort. You can then work to capitalize on this initial touch point with further marketing.

A coworking space in Australia.
An event at Hub Australia, a flexible workspace operator with numerous locations.

3. Promoting your members

Having a community means giving as well as taking. Dedicate a portion of your regular posting to promoting your members and their businesses. Not only does this help your members, it helps you, too.

You can highlight to new prospects that you will advertise their business on your network (a handy extra benefit for them) and provide relevant content to prospective new members who work in the same industry.

Promoting your members also gives you reliable regular content to put out on your social media feeds.

4. Local targeting for social advertising

Social media advertising is a huge opportunity for many businesses. In particular, social media advertising is great for highly-focused location targeting. This allows you to optimize your ads and maximize your returns by only showing your ads to people in specific areas.

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We know that word of mouth is currently the most effective channel for coworking spaces. We also know that most coworking space users formerly worked at home.

From this, we can infer that most people who use a coworking space are local to it. This is why local targeting is so powerful for you.

5. Audience targeting

Similar to location targeting, social media advertising allows you focus on specific audience interests. This allows you to target ads for your coworking space to the kinds of people you want, or the kinds of people you know will convert.

This makes social advertising an extremely cost-effective options for coworking spaces. You can target the right people in the right place and reduce the chances of wasting clicks.

One of Mindspace's coworking spaces.
A view of one of Mindspace’s coworking locations, a global operator.

6. Share relevant content

If you want to successfully promote your coworking business on social media, it’s important to regularly share content that is relevant to your audience. Relevant content offer value to your audience and invests them with a reason to follow you and engage on social media.

That means less self-promotion and more relatable, useful content. The specifics of this will be determined by the market you’re targeting, but generally an 80/20 split is best. That’s 80% valuable and relevant content to 20% promotional content.

This gives your audience a reason to stay connected to you and increases the chances of them sharing your content and getting your coworking space in front of their peers.

7. Be active and responsive

All of the tips above share one common rule: post regularly.

The average brand posts an average of eight times per day on Facebook. If you can’t post daily, make sure you post consistently. Schedule a time to post, be active, and commit to it.

When your audience knows when to expect your social media content, they will engage and react better to it.

The other thing to keep in mind is that social media is a marketing channel and point of contact. That means that you have to be timely and responsive on social media. You can manage expectations with effective communication, but the last thing you want to be doing is turning away potential prospects because you didn’t respond to them.

For more tips on building community and to learn more about the ways flexible operators have been responding to COVID-19 globally, visit You can also view our recent report here.


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  2. Hi Adam. Thanks for sharing this amazing informative post to promote Coworking spaces. Social media is a valuable platform to connect with your target audience. There’s no denying that coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in this age of e-commuting, startups, and the freelancing economy.

    It’s also important to get social proof for your business that entails requesting customer reviews on Google, social media, and directories such as Yellow Pages and Yelp.

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