What Can Change in a Year? Join me at #CWE17.

What Can Change in a Year? Join me at #CWE17.

Before you read, make sure you apply for the Coworking Europe Pitching Contest, where you can pitch your coworking business idea for a chance to win some cool prizes and get your pitch heard by a panel of experts and VCs. Apply before October 28th.

A lot can happen in a year. People move. They start new jobs. They start new businesses and shut down old ones. And in the 365.2422 days it takes for the earth to slide along in its orbit around the sun, people grow and learn and have amazing new experiences. None more so than coworking people.

That’s why it’s always exciting and insightful to attend the annual coworking events around the world. Each regional event is a magnet for talented and future-focused coworking founders, managers, and entrepreneurs. Each has had a whole new year filled with experiences and stories. Stories that will be shared over a glass of wine, a morning cup of coffee, or in front of an audience of 400+ eager coworking conference attendees.

In case you haven’t heard, Coworking Europe 2017 is coming up in about a month, and this year it’s in Dublin, Ireland.

I attended the conference last year. It was my first time at Coworking Europe, my first time in Brussels, and my first time in Western Europe. While there were a lot of firsts as a result of that event, the content wasn’t new for me. But I’m not most people; I’ve been doing this coworking thing for a while now and am involved in many capacities in the global coworking industry. But even though I’ve heard all the talks and am on the up-and-up with the latest trends, what has me coming back to CWE are the incredible friendships and nuanced insights you can only gain from having in-person interactions with other coworking people.

And that’s what’s so special about attending these events. Whether you’re new or old in the industry, there’s always something new you can learn from another person. There’s always something you can teach. That’s what this industry and movement is built upon. We come together, we share with each other, and we learn from each other. Then, next year, we do it again. That’s how we, as a group of coworking people, grow and learn. Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions.

Anyway, I won’t beat a dead horse with all this talk of why you should join me at Coworking Europe 2017. Instead I’ll share some pictures and stories from last year’s conference. They ought to do the convincing. All photos are from the Coworking Europe Facebook page and credit is due where it’s due.

Coworking Europe 2016 Main Event

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The main event consists of dozens of talks on the main stage, as well as organized talks and panels in smaller rooms around the venue. The topics include fundraising, community building, partnerships and sponsorships, real estate, legal tips, marketing strategy, technology and software, and much more.

Coworking Europe 2016 attendees excitedly chatting while waiting for registration. It’s during these in-between moments that you really get to connect.


Jean-Yves, Coworking Europe founder, welcoming all attendees at day one of CWE16.


Carsten presenting the 2016 Global Coworking Survey data. He spends months upon months collecting and analyzing data from thousands of survey participants all over the planet for the benefit of the coworking industry. The participants are comprised of coworking spaces and members.


Coffee break time. Can you find me?


Coworking Europe 2016 Unconference Pitches and Sessions

Everybody has the chance to be a thought leader during the Unconference. Those who want to lead a session get to post their ideas on the board. Similar ideas are combined and the people who put them forward get to pitch their ideas. They are voted on and placed in time slots for the upcoming sessions.

Coworking Europe 2016 Closing Party

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The reasons to attend #CWE17 go beyond mere face-to-face interactions of course. That’s merely my favorite part of the week. There are bound to be talks and panels on trending topics in the industry and, for the newbie coworking folks, a plethora of insights that will save you hundreds of hours of figuring it out on your own. As my friend Alex Hillman says all the time, the number one mistake you can make in coworking is doing it alone.

See you in November.

Ryan Chatterton
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