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Global Size & Capacity of Coworking Spaces Data: Why It Matters

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The insights are finalized and our 2019 size and capacity report has now been released. We are excited to share the results of our analysis, which involved the gathering of feedback from 6,500 coworking spaces in 113 countries around the world.

Size & Capacity Global Averages

Our research revealed the global average for the size of coworking spaces is 7,308 sq. ft. and the average capacity of individuals working in a given space is 83 people.

Both size and capacity are important data points to consider. In particular, knowing the average sizes of spaces reveals not only how big a space should be to remain competitive in that particular city or country’s coworking market, but also how much space a city or country has to offer new commercial developments.

This is useful for both real estate developers and coworking space managers, who must give special attention to the expectations of customers in the coworking sector while remaining realistic about the limitations of a particular location. In other words, it makes sense for North America to offer the largest spaces of any continent (at 9,799 sq. ft. on average), which is representative of North America’s trends in property development and commercial space availability.

On the other hand, knowing the average capacities of spaces pinpoints the demand for coworking spaces by individuals looking for shared offices. In order to meet the demands of the industry, spaces are expected to offer an increasing number of desks, offices, meeting rooms, and other designated workspaces for location-independent employees or freelancers.

Our Analysis

On a global scale, our report gives evidence to the worldwide trend of larger coworking spaces. In order to remain competitive in the coworking market, space managers and owners are opting to expand their spaces, which includes moving into a brand-new, larger location or renovating their current space to incorporate additional square footage.

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For a full analysis, including global averages from six continents and capacity rankings of 100 countries and 200 cities, check out our 2019 Coworking Size & Capacity Report.


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